October 2021


11/13/2014 – Episdode 002b: Star Trek #2 (Gold Key)

ST-002 - 000





The second issue covered in episode 2 was Star Trek #2 (Gold Key).


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11/12/2014 – Episode 002a: Star Trek #1 (Gold Key)

ST-01 and 29



The first issue covered in episode 2 was Star Trek #1 (Gold Key), also reprinted as issue #29.


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11/11/2014 – Episode 001b: Star Trek #36 (Gold Key)








The final issue covered in the pilot episode was Gold Key #36, A Bomb in Time.


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11/10/14 – Episode 001a: Star Trek 34 (Gold Key)





In an attempt to post individual issues, we will start to dive into the back issues of the podcast and split episodes. Today, we are taking the first issue covered in episode 1, Gold Key issue #34.


This was a very rough pilot, so please forgive any production hic-ups we might have experienced back in the day.


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11/09/14 – Episode 175c: Voyager 12






The final issue covered in episode 175 is Star Trek Voyager #12. Cover date December 1997.



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11/08/14 – Episode 175b: Voyager 11

ST-VOYAGER 11 - 01



The second issue covered in episode 175 is Star Trek Voyager #11. Cover date November 1997.



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11/04/2014 – Episode 175a: Voyager 10


The first issue covered in episode 175 is Star Trek Voyager #10.


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11/02/2014 – Starfleet Academy 11 (Episode 174b)



Episode 174 finished off with Starfleet Academy #11 (Marvel Comics, Oct 97).










This issue was titled “Judgment” and was brought to you by:










You can listen to the issue right here (or download the full episode here):




With this story, there might be a surprised guest (or two):







How ever will the issue end???






As always, the full episodes are available through iTunes each weekend and available in the “Listen to Podcast” section at stcomicbookreview.com.



10/27/2014 – Episode 174 Issue 1 (Starfleet Academy 10)

ST-SA 10

Based on a suggestion, we are testing releasing the synopsis and review of the episodes separately throughout the week. This means that we will still release the full episode with the great pre and post show banter each weekend as we do now, but now you do not want to wait until the whole week between issues. We will also be revamping the website to allow you to listen to individual issues as you desire (this will be phased in over time).


The first issue covered in Episode 174 was Starfleet Academy #10 from Marvel Comics. Basically the precursor to the huge Telepathy War that we will be covering over the course of the next few weeks.












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This issue was brought to you by:

ST-SA 10 4










Love the return of Pike:


ST-SA 10 3

ST-SA 10 1

























Borrow a scene from a certain Dark Knight’s storyline:





The full episode will be available through iTunes this weekend, the remaining individual issues in this episode will be posted throughout the week.




10/19/2014 – Site is back up!

So the old web provider thought we were getting just too popular and shut us down. Now after a site move, we are back up and ready to provide you with the Comic Book Reviews you need! Thank you so much to the listeners for sticking around. Also, HUGE thanks to Michael for getting us back up and running, he is the true hero of all of this.


For those reading along, the following shows the schedule for the next few months. We are wrapping up our Marvel run and will soon be seeing what Wildstorm has to offer.


10/26/14 #173 – Nineties #98 (DS9 (MARV) #10~11)
11/02/14 #174 – Nineties #99 (ACAD (MARV) #10~11)
11/09/14 #175 – Nineties #100 (VOY (MARV) #10~12)
11/16/14 #176 – Nineties #101 (Telepathy War 1 (MARV) ACAD#12, DS9 #12~13)
11/23/14 #177 – Nineties #102 (Telepathy War 1 (MARV) UNL #6, TELWAR #1)
11/30/14 #178 – Nineties #103 (VOY #13 & DS9 (MARV) #14~15)
12/07/14 #179 – Nineties #104 (VOY (MARV) #14~15 + SPLASH #1)
12/14/14 #180 – Nineties #105 (VOY (MARV) SPLASH #2~4)
12/21/14 #181 – IDW – ON GOING #12 (New Series #33, 34, 35)
12/28/14 #182 – Nineties #106 (UNL (MARV) #7~8)
01/04/15 #183 – Nineties #107 (ACAD (MARV) #13~15)
01/11/15 #184 – Nineties #108 (UNL (MARV) #9~10)
01/18/15 #185 – Nineties #109 (ACAD (MARV) #16~18)
01/25/15 #186 – Nineties #110 (1SHOTs (MARV) Operation Assimilation #1, Riker #1)
02/01/15 #187 – Nineties #111 (X-Over (MARV) Star TreX + Second Contact)
02/08/15 #188+ – Enter WILDSTORM, More IDW, the return of Gold Key Theater, and other surprises


To borrow a line from our friend Bryan: Podcast Long and Prosper.