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12/23/2012 – Star Trek Christmas

In two days, Christmas will be celebrated all around the world. It got me to thinking about the “future” of how humans and other species will celebrate this holiday in the Final Frontier.


There is very little evidence that the celebration of Jesus’s birthday will still be celebrated in the next 300+ years, but I was able to find a few.


First we look at the 23rd Century. In the TOS episode “Dagger in the Mind”, Kirk and Helen Noel (“Noel” is French for “Christmas”) meet at a Christmas party and they may or may not have had a post-party nightcap (implanted memories). So we know at least the Christmas party will still be around.


In the 24th Century, we will see the most evidence that the time honored traditions will be upheld. First there is the Star Trek: The Next Generation mini-series #2 by DC Comics. Here we see lots of Christmas traditions still hold up:


1)      Christmas Tree


2)      Dressing up for Christmas Party (the following pic is Yar)


3)      Kissing under Mistletoe (pic of Geordi and Troi)



4)      Non-Religious icons symbolizing Christmas (i.e. Santa and Grinch)


In Star Trek: Generations, Picard has implanted memories (a common Star Trek Christmas tradition) of spending Christmas with his family.


Lastly, the Voyager episode “Death Wish” has Voyager shrunk and placed on a Christmas tree as an ornament (though this may have been a veiled Hallmark advertisement).


These are just the ones that I can think of on the spot, there may indeed be more. If you can think of other Star Trek references of Christmas, please e-mail us or make a comment below. I am surprised that I could not recall any Christmas issues from Gold Key or Marvel. You think there would have been SOMETHING, right? Well, good thing DC Comics did not disappoint. 🙂


Merry Christmas!

12/21/2012 – Episode 101


Episode 101 is out and ready for your attention. We have now included Deep Space None in the rotation of our coverage of the Nineties. Malibu Comics issues 4-6 are covered today, and are very interesting and fun.


As a bonus, we discuss the second teaser trailer with longtime fan Bryan. This is the beginning of the episode, so please fast forward through if you are attempting to stay spoiler-free, though everything we discuss is purely speculation.