December 2012

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12/15/2012 – CVN-65 Enterprise’s “future”


Because we, here at Star Trek Comic Book Review, try to stay relevant to the news, we are reporting news that is barely 3 weeks old. 😉


The USS Enterprise CVN-65 started its decommissioning process on December 1, 2012. It is a long process to completely decommission a ship, so it will not be completely decommissioned until 2015. The next aircraft currently under construction is scheduled to be USS Enterprise CVN-80. Currently, all reports indicate that the CVN-65 will be then turned into scrap.


We hope this does not happen. However we have found “evidence” that both confirms and discredits the CVN-65 being scrapped.


Exhibit one: issue #57 of Star Trek v2 by DC Comics shows James and David Kirk visiting the historical monument.  Here the grand ship is still in water, perhaps in the San Francisco bay.



Exhibit two: Marvel Comics Star Trek: Early Voyages #13. In another alternate timeline around the same Stardate as #57 above, all of the past Enterprises are in display in a large museum. We can clearly see the NCC-1701, OV-101 Space Shuttle, and the HMS Enterprize. Sadly absent is the CVN-65, the VSS-Enterprise, and NX-01 (among others). Where these ships lost to time (i.e. scrap)?



Exhibit three: A possible ray of hope from exhibit two. There is a shot of something that might either be a walkway or the bough of either the CVN-65 or CVN-80. Only time will tell…



A final shot of the spotty legacy of the crafts named Enterprise. This shot also misses quite a few ships…