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12/31/2012 – Episode 102 (plus Into Darkness talk)


Episode 102 is out and ready to download. We cover Star Trek #52-54, starts off a great time travel story arc.


In addition to that, we have Bryan again to talk about the 1sy 9 minutes of Into the Darkness that is now available with the IMAX Hobbit release.

12/23/2012 – Star Trek Christmas

In two days, Christmas will be celebrated all around the world. It got me to thinking about the “future” of how humans and other species will celebrate this holiday in the Final Frontier.


There is very little evidence that the celebration of Jesus’s birthday will still be celebrated in the next 300+ years, but I was able to find a few.


First we look at the 23rd Century. In the TOS episode “Dagger in the Mind”, Kirk and Helen Noel (“Noel” is French for “Christmas”) meet at a Christmas party and they may or may not have had a post-party nightcap (implanted memories). So we know at least the Christmas party will still be around.


In the 24th Century, we will see the most evidence that the time honored traditions will be upheld. First there is the Star Trek: The Next Generation mini-series #2 by DC Comics. Here we see lots of Christmas traditions still hold up:


1)      Christmas Tree


2)      Dressing up for Christmas Party (the following pic is Yar)


3)      Kissing under Mistletoe (pic of Geordi and Troi)



4)      Non-Religious icons symbolizing Christmas (i.e. Santa and Grinch)


In Star Trek: Generations, Picard has implanted memories (a common Star Trek Christmas tradition) of spending Christmas with his family.


Lastly, the Voyager episode “Death Wish” has Voyager shrunk and placed on a Christmas tree as an ornament (though this may have been a veiled Hallmark advertisement).


These are just the ones that I can think of on the spot, there may indeed be more. If you can think of other Star Trek references of Christmas, please e-mail us or make a comment below. I am surprised that I could not recall any Christmas issues from Gold Key or Marvel. You think there would have been SOMETHING, right? Well, good thing DC Comics did not disappoint. 🙂


Merry Christmas!

12/21/2012 – Episode 101


Episode 101 is out and ready for your attention. We have now included Deep Space None in the rotation of our coverage of the Nineties. Malibu Comics issues 4-6 are covered today, and are very interesting and fun.


As a bonus, we discuss the second teaser trailer with longtime fan Bryan. This is the beginning of the episode, so please fast forward through if you are attempting to stay spoiler-free, though everything we discuss is purely speculation.

12/17/2012 – Episode 100 (finally)


We are loving the Star Trek Ongoing series by IDW that continues to new adventures of Captain Kirk after the events of Star Trek (2009) movie. We are happy to have these stories grace our 100th Episode! Please click over at the “listen now” section or download from iTunes.


These issues are a little older than we normally have the Ongoing reviews. Be on the lookout for a slight change in how we review the Ongoing and upcoming title Countdown to Darkness.


12/16/2012 – Check before seeing The Hobbit in IMAX


Not all of the IMAX venues will be showing the Star Trek Into Darkness preview.


We suggest you verify that your theater is on the list at the following site:



12/16/2012 – Slight delay in episode 100 release


Due to an attempt to see the first 9 minutes of Star Trek: Into Darkness at my local IMAX venue, we regret that episode 100 is not quite ready for posting. Rest assured that the episode is going along nicely and should be posted tomorrow.


In it, you will hear our comments on Star Trek Ongoing #10~12. This wraps up the first year of stories in the new post-2009 movie continuity. In the future, we will have our “Ongoing” episodes closer to the time that the 3rd issue was released.


Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s posting…

12/15/2012 – CVN-65 Enterprise’s “future”


Because we, here at Star Trek Comic Book Review, try to stay relevant to the news, we are reporting news that is barely 3 weeks old. 😉


The USS Enterprise CVN-65 started its decommissioning process on December 1, 2012. It is a long process to completely decommission a ship, so it will not be completely decommissioned until 2015. The next aircraft currently under construction is scheduled to be USS Enterprise CVN-80. Currently, all reports indicate that the CVN-65 will be then turned into scrap.


We hope this does not happen. However we have found “evidence” that both confirms and discredits the CVN-65 being scrapped.


Exhibit one: issue #57 of Star Trek v2 by DC Comics shows James and David Kirk visiting the historical monument.  Here the grand ship is still in water, perhaps in the San Francisco bay.



Exhibit two: Marvel Comics Star Trek: Early Voyages #13. In another alternate timeline around the same Stardate as #57 above, all of the past Enterprises are in display in a large museum. We can clearly see the NCC-1701, OV-101 Space Shuttle, and the HMS Enterprize. Sadly absent is the CVN-65, the VSS-Enterprise, and NX-01 (among others). Where these ships lost to time (i.e. scrap)?



Exhibit three: A possible ray of hope from exhibit two. There is a shot of something that might either be a walkway or the bough of either the CVN-65 or CVN-80. Only time will tell…



A final shot of the spotty legacy of the crafts named Enterprise. This shot also misses quite a few ships…


12/07/2012 – Episode 99 – TNG 49-51

Are you in for a treat this week!


A Next Generation filler story set during the great season two (just recently released on Blu-Ray!) and the start of a epic multi-part arc that will have a major cast member kick the bucket (spoilers!). All in all, good group of issues, but it will leave you wanting more Next Generation. You will have to wait until Episode 103 for the continuation of the story!


As a special feature, we do spend the first few minutes of the show giving our thoughts of the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer. We hope you enjoy it.


Be back NEXT WEEK, when we release the 100th episode of Star Trek Comic Book Review!!!

12/6/2012 – Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer



Today will be a day long remembered. We finally see more than 2 frames from Star Trek Into the Darkness! You not seen it, clink poster art to the left.


With its arrival, a lot of questions have surfaced. I have kept myself from any spoilers, but I am about to unload some radical ideas. If you want to read what I think, clink “READ MORE”. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the trailer and perhaps look forward to the few minutes we will see in front of The Hobbit in a few weeks!





12/2/2012 – Lincoln vs Star Trek


Thursday, November 29th, 2012. The day most Trek fans will recall as being the Fathom events celebration of the Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2. This fan, however, made it to the theater late and decided to see Lincoln instead. Do I regret missing the Star Trek event? Yes Was the movie good? Yes. I hope to hear from someone who went and report on their thoughts.




Lincoln has had a good year this year. Not only the newly released Lincoln, but also Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies were recently released this year. As ridiculous as the latter two movies seem, they both have their merits and I will dare say I enjoyed Vampire Hunter the most out of the three since it actually covered the life of Lincoln… though peppered with fictional vampire battles. All of these movies got me to thinking about Lincoln’s role in previous Star Trek stories…

Most obvious, is when Lincoln visited Kirk on the Enterprise in “The Savage Curtain”.  In this episode, he is seen joining forces with Kirk, Spock, and Surak to fight against an evil quartet from galactic history (including Kahless himself!). Here, Lincoln is shown as a wise leader that is willing to get his hands dirty to fight for a righteous cause. Though he turns out to be a rock monster in disguise does not lessen the fact that he thought he truly was Lincoln.

A few years later, Gold Key had us visit Lincoln again in issue number 9. Not only does Kirk meet with Lincoln again, he also meets with George Washington and his wife Cleopatra along with hundreds of other famous humans from Earth’s past. This time they turn out to be robots. They do think that they are indeed the people they represent, but the evil scientist is able to turn them to evil and they attack the Star Fleet crew.

Did I miss any other guest appearance of Lincoln that you can think of? I know that his image appears on screens from time to time, but these are the only times I can recall him interacting with the crew. If I missed one, please let me know below.