September 2012

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09/21/2012 – Episode 95

Took another week off, we hope we were not missed too much…


We are back this week with a new episode, #95. In it, we are covering The Next Generation issues #43-45. We finish the “Death Star Transporter” storyline and get a one-off that is a murder mystery.


Next episode we will be diving back into the original series timeline with three issue series about a rogue and the return of a certain Klingon villian from the movie series…

09/07/2012 – Episode 94

Scotty and McCoy’s grand adventure comes to an end, we get the return of Trelane (aka Original Series’s version of Q), and we get a “Earth Day” special!! What more can you ask for a episode?!?


Next in Episode 95, we will have a the conclusion of the Death Star guest appearance and an old fashioned “who-done-it”.


Talk to you soon!!!

08/31/2012 – Episode 93

In case you noticed, we took last week off. There might have been several reasons for this, so you are free to take you pick from the following: work (i.e. real jobs), family, vacation/holiday, acute case of Halo-fever, PC/Tech issues, or savoring the most out of episode 93. I am going to go with the savoring because this one took a bit more TLC to get together. In it, we will cover Next Generation 40-42 that was released along with Season 6 in 1993. Enjoy!!!


You can listen HERE