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10/31/2011 – Halloween & Star Trek

Happy Halloween!


As many know, there once was a line of Star Trek masks (see photo of ad). One of these masks has had a life all on its own, with no evidence of dying…


The William Shatner mask in the far right corner was used by John Carpenter for his cinematic masterpiece HALLOWEEN.


I am sure that we all have our private little Trekkie giggle whenever we see these movies come out every few years and show on TV every October 31st.  


Can you imagine what Michael Myers might have looked like with the Spock mask instead?


 Interesting article about the mask: CLICK HERE


If anyone dresses as a Star Trek character or alien this week, please e-mail us the picture and we might include you in a post for next week!

10/29/2011 – High level review of Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1


Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (IDW, Oct 2011)


Cover Date:      October 2011


“Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1”


Writer:              Chris Roberson


Art:                   Jeffrey Moy


Ink:                   Philip Moy


Colors:              Romulo Fajardo, Jr


Letters:              Robbie Robbins


Cover(s):             A – Phil Jimmenez / Romulo Fajardo, Jr

                           B – Keith Giffen / Scott Koblish / Romulo Fajardo, Jr

                           RI – Gabriel Rodriguez


Reviewer:           Donavon


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10/28/2011 – Episode 52

Now available for download, Episode 52! As always, this podcasts’ mission has been to (hopefully) provide entertaining and witty comments on every officially licensed Star Trek comic ever published.


This week, we celebrate our first anniversary by doing an episode in homage to our first few episodes. We are going way back into our collections and reviewing Gold Key #12, 13, and 14 from 1971 and 1972.


This episode will have everything a modern day Trekker/Trekkie would need: Robots, Flying Carpets, Pirates, and most importantly Dinosaurs! Despite our criticism, we do indeed love these issues. In fact, we now have it recorded within this episode that even Ken enjoys these little romps.


Please be sure to return next week for episode 53 where we will cover DC Comics’ Star Trek v2 #1, 2, and 3.

10/21/2011 – Episode 51

You know how you and buddy start a podcast to review all Star Trek comics. Then you are pleased as punch when you actually get e-mails from listeners? And you get the obvious questions like these: “You going to do another Voyager episode?”, “When are you doing a Voyager episode?”, “The podcast is good, but could use just a few more Voyager episodes?”, and “You know what you guys need, a good dose …of Janeway in your podcast reviews?”. Well, in answer to these requests, we have finally done a new Voyager Episode with Episode #51. We review Marvel’s first three issues of the series and we are honored to have a special guest host, KayCee. We loved doing this episode, as with all of the “Listener’s Choice” episodes, we love to discuss Trek with other fans of the series. Other points of view are ALWAYS refreshing. Enjoy the episode and be back next week for another dose of our favorite Trek publisher… GOLD KEY!

New Feature: Web Comic Strip

We have started a few feature here, an original web comic. These crude comics will be our mark on the Star Trek Comic scene. Maybe in 20 years, someone will publish a podcast reviewing our humble strips…


To read the first one, click here.