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 Today will be a day long remembered. We finally see more than 2 frames from Star Trek Into the Darkness! You not seen it, clink poster art to the below.


With its arrival, a lot of questions have surfaced. I have kept myself from any spoilers, but I am about to unload some radical ideas.


Question everyone has is: Who is Cumberbatch playing? This question even has the hosts of the Star Trek Comic Book Review divided. Here are the theories as to who is who:


1)      Khan – This was a popular theory. We on the show feel that this will not be the case, but you never know. He does say he wants revenge and they did skip Space Seed thus far in the Star Trek Ongoing re-imagining of TOS episodes. Does Cumberbatch look like a young Khan?


2)      Gary Mitchell – This is Ken’s favorite theory. Mitchell, the life-long friend of Kirk who is corrupted absolutely due to absolute power. IDW already covered this in the new re-imaged issues, but that does not mean that the new movie could not be a continuation of that. Or, they may just ignore the comic and re-make Where No Man Has Gone Before. He does wear a Starfleet uniform in the trailer, so this idea does have merit.




3)      Gary Mitchell’s brother – sure, maybe. Would explain the “Is there anything you would not do for your family?” line, but I am not buying it.



4)      George (Johnny) Kirk – Yes, Kirk’s older brother looks like Chris Pine’s version of Jesus in the comics, but maybe he will look different in the movie? Not holding breath on this one, though would make the “family” line ironic if James chooses Spock’s life over George’s.



5)      Son of John Frederick Paxton – This is Donavon’s favorite, only in that it is the ultimate long shot. Paxton was played by Peter Weller in Star Trek Enterprise. He was a terrorist and follower of Colonel Philip Green (Earth dictator seen in TOS episode). In Enterprise, Paxton’s plans were foiled and he was imprisoned. We know that Peter Weller will be in the new movie, maybe there will be flashbacks of Paxton teaching his son his terrorist ways. Then Cumberbatch steps in as an adult to finish what his father and Col Green started. This would be great, a loose tie into Enterprise that NO ONE will catch just as First Contact had its loose ties into the TOS episode with Cochrane.


6)      Kirk clone grown on Remus – Because Chris Pine and Cumberbatch look so much alike… do they? Maybe not, but let’s throw it out as a possibility anyway! Have they done that before?



Is no one curious about who Alice Eve might be playing: Dehner, Chapel, Rand, Marcus? What do you think? Post some comments and let us know. Ken thinks she looks a little too much like Dehner (see below). It is hard to argue and she never did actually appear in the ongoing issues. If it is, Donavon hopes they continue the possible love triangle that McCoy has with her (see Star Trek Ongoing #1).

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