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11/02/2011 – Star Trek Collector Acticle 1

Star Trek is filled with great and not-so-great items for the collector to seek out and explore.  This series of articles will be to include items from both extremes. As Star Trek collectors, I am sure we all have the gems that we are proud of and the others that we bought just because it had “Star Trek” on the box.


Today we cover Star Trek’s relationship with Barbie.




In 1996, Star Trek was celebrating its 30th anniversary. Star Trek mania was in full swing, and this year is a gold mine for the Star Trek collector. One of the more interesting items was a BARBIE & KEN STAR TREK set. This included a Barbie in the red mini-skirt from the original series and Ken in the gold tunic from the same series. The display had the two dolls (these are actually ‘dolls’) standing before a smiling Kirk and dour Spock.


In addition to the doll set, Mattel also released a BARBIE STAR TREK WATCH.






Flash forward to 2009, Star trek mania had a small revival with the release of Star Trek XI. With that movie, Star Trek was plastered on almost any product that would stand still long enough (keep watching, we will get back to that in coming weeks). One of the better products from this time was three limited edition Star Trek themed Barbie/Ken dolls. There is one in the likeness of Uhura, Kirk, and Spock. These actually resembled the actors and not just the generic Ken and Barbie features from the 1996 collection.


Please feel free to share any story you might have about owning these pieces. Also, be on the lookout for new articles for the avid Star Trek Collector.

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