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10/29/2011 – Mini Review Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1

 Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (IDW, Oct 2011)


Cover Date:      October 2011


“Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #1”


Writer:              Chris Roberson


Art:                   Jeffrey Moy


Ink:                   Philip Moy


Colors:              Romulo Fajardo, Jr


Letters:              Robbie Robbins


Cover(s):             A – Phil Jimmenez / Romulo Fajardo, Jr

                           B – Keith Giffen / Scott Koblish / Romulo Fajardo, Jr

                           RI – Gabriel Rodriguez


Reviewer:           Donavon


In a nutshell: Kirk and Enterprise is heading back to Earth so Kirk can give commencement address. A group of 6 members of the Legion are heading back to the 30th Century from some earlier time. The Legion’s time bubble is caught up in a time vortex, they make an emergency exit/landing. At that same time, Kirk and company are beaming to Earth. Both the Legion and the Enterprise crew find themselves in the Mirror Universe ruled by the Terran Empire.


Quick Review:        

  • Love how book is written so that it is accessible to fans of either the new or old version of Trek.


  • At least for issue one, this felt very much like a Star Trek comic and not like a Legion comic.


  • Story so far does not seem forced as the X-men crossovers did.


  • This might be an even darker version of the Mirror Universe than we have seen in TOS and DS9 episodes. This empire is much crueler than I envision the “original” Mirror Universe. Perhaps this is a Mirror-Mirror Universe. Will have to wait and see next month…


  • Art is a fantastic



Overall Rating:

Story:                 4 out of 5

Art:                     5 out of 5

Cover(s):             Too Numerous




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