November 2011
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11/14/2011 – Random Thoughts

We all love Star Trek, and if every planet has a bunch of people that look like humans with bumpy heads or odd noses, then we will go with it. My comment today is about alien animals, and how sometimes they look a little too much like Earth animals for my tastes.


In Star Trek V, Kirk is on a planet (Nymbus III) that has been settled by the Klingons, Romulans, and HUMANS. On this planet, we see the crew riding magnificent blue unicorns. Obviously these animals were not seeded from Earth, thus why they do not resemble Earth horses.


That same year, in Star Trek: The Next Generation #1, Picard is on an alien planet that has mistrust for the Federation. Here, Picard rides an animal that looks exactly like a horse! This cannot be a gift from Earth, because the inhabitants are all riding these horses.


Now if the aliens on the planet looked like humans, then we can chalk it up to parallel evolution. But no, these aliens are large feline creatures. Aside from being bipedal, they do not resemble humans much at all.


And that is a random moment…



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